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Who is R&J?

R&J Stands for Renee & Jasmine

R&J is a mother and daughter team looking to bring you some tall girl fashion. Being 6′ and 5’8″ respectively, we have always had a problem finding things to fit our frame. With that being said, we started our own online store.

R&J started from a need for me (Renee) to find fashion long enough to fit my 6′ frame. I love shopping at boutiques but I always have a problem finding things long enough. That is why I decided to team up with my daughter to start our own online store that would carry clothes to fit taller women.

The struggle is real and sourcing items has not been easy. We have found a few pieces that compliment longer legs and R&J House of Style will continue to bring those items to you. 

Although we specialize in tall, we have fashion for everyone, so don’t let the tall tag line fool you. R&J House of style has something fore everyone.